3D Printer Projects

3D Printer Projects

Binary Clock

Empous, the Empire Simulation Game

Home Theater PC

Marble Machine

Potato Cannon

Ram Pump

Service Robot

Soda Bottle Rockets

Solar Collector

SoyBot, a Ground Vehicle for Soybean Phenotyping


Universal Remote

Westhampton Library Maker Club

This is just a collection of interesting things I've made on the 3D printer.

Camping chair repair

I found this old camping chair in a dumpster and decided to take a shot at saving it and fixing it up. The 3D printed parts actually worked spectacularly; I had a really difficult time getting the fabric fixed using the sewing tools I had available.

Power of Attorney

I love a good pun, and this was my attempt at extracting a groan from my friends. It’s a USB charger enclosure in the form of the word “ATTORNEY.”

Servo mount

A small mount to connect an ultrasonic ranger to a servo for my robot project, based on models I had seen on Thingiverse. I couldn’t find one to download for free, so I made my own.

Solar enclosure

A small enclosure for a regulator circuit so that you can charge USB devices from a solar panel (or any other source).

Nerf Gun Cam

This is a mod to a nerf gun of mine to allow it to be fired from a computer. You can see the result on Youtube.

Robot steering assembly

This is one of the early designs for the steering on my robot project.