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My sister Ruth has spent a lot of time studying media and art in school with a strong focus on comic books. After seeing some of her artwork, I was inspired to design a comic book that we could work on together. I also recruited my good friend Rob, who has a lot of experience reading and analyzing comics.

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The main character in our comic book is a girl named Iris. She grew up in a rural commune, so she lacks an understanding of modern society, but also has some unique experience and perspectives. The story follows her after she leaves the commune and goes off on an adventure of her own.

Build Log

Summer 2019

The ideas for this project have been stewing in the back of my brain for a while. Over the summer, we started to put those ideas down and really refine them, paving the way for the first issue.

We decided to split the work up so that one of us would write the script, one would do the pencils and ink, and one would do the color. We’re considering rotating for each issue so that we could all try our hand at the different parts. For issue 1, I will do the script, Ruth will do the sketches, and Rob will do the colors.

Here are concept images that we’ve created:

Jan 25, 2020

We’ve made some good progess, although a lot of our time has been spent defining our working process and learning what tools we want to use. Ruth has generally being doing the sketches and ink on paper, then scanning it into the computer. I’ve convinced everyone that we should use GIMP for the digital parts of the process.

We have 2 pages complete, but they aren’t the first two pages. I’m waiting until we have page 1 done to start posting them online.

Also, the work necessary to realize the comic has proven to be more than we originally thought. Ruth has been too busy to focus on the sketching, so we decided to switch up the roles a little. We’re going to use what she’s produced for the first 4 pages, then I’m going to take over for the rest of issue 1. We’ll see how things work out for issue 1, then decide our approach for issue 2.