Soda Bottle Rockets

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This project was inspired by my high school physics class. In the class, we had to build rockets out of a soda bottle that could carry an egg. At the top of the rocket's flight, the egg was supposed to eject and be carried back to earth with a parachute. I thought it was so much fun that I went home and built my own launch pad.

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Like a handful of my projects, this one came from Make Magazine. The biggest difference with our design was, instead of having a tall pole with guylines, our launcher was short and attached to a piece of plywood so it would sit directly on the ground with no extra setup. We also used a simple nail in place of the retainer/release spring.

Build Log

You can see our brave astronaut Jim West getting ready for liftoff:

Once the launch pad was done, we designed some rockets and had a blast (pun intended). The results are available for viewing on my Youtube channel: Rocket TV.