3D Printer Projects

3D Printer Projects

Binary Clock

Curiosity Spaceship Simulator

Empous, the Empire Simulation Game

Home Theater PC

Iris Comic Book

Marble Machine

Potato Cannon

Ram Pump

Robot Butler

Soda Bottle Rockets

Solar Collector

SoyBot, a Ground Vehicle for Soybean Phenotyping


Universal Remote

Westhampton Library Maker Club

This is just a collection of interesting things I've made on the 3D printer.

Camping chair repair

I found this old camping chair in a dumpster and decided to take a shot at saving it and fixing it up. The 3D printed parts actually worked spectacularly; I had a really difficult time getting the fabric fixed using the sewing tools I had available.

Power of Attorney

I love a good pun, and this was my attempt at extracting a groan from my friends. It’s a USB charger enclosure in the form of the word “ATTORNEY.”

Servo mount

A small mount to connect an ultrasonic ranger to a servo for my robot project, based on models I had seen on Thingiverse. I couldn’t find one to download for free, so I made my own.

Solar enclosure

A small enclosure for a regulator circuit so that you can charge USB devices from a solar panel (or any other source).

Nerf Gun Cam

This is a mod to a nerf gun of mine to allow it to be fired from a computer. You can see the result on Youtube.

Robot steering assembly

This is one of the early designs for the steering on my robot project.

Arduino/Raspberry Pi Stand

Another part of my robot project.